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About US


 Who are We?
Faces of Peace is a Civil Society Organization registered under section 10 of the Kenyan Societies Act.

Faces of Peace brings together youthful, ambitious, dedicated and peace loving Kenyans through various forums such as community work, volunteer work, networking, training, capacity building among others.

Faces of Peace works closely with other non governmental organizations in peace initiatives, educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities, faith based organizations, communities, individuals and government institutions.

We embrace the use of social media  to interact, spread and share peaceful messages in order to foster a peaceful coexistence in the country, and in the world.

Our Vision
Working towards a society that addresses peace, conflict resolution and poverty eradication in a responsible way for improved quality of life.

Our Mission
To bring together and unify people of different backgrounds to a common ground,  understanding and appreciation for socio-economic development and prosperity

Faces of Peace Philosophy
We believe that peace, social interactions and understanding are processes that can only be realized when practiced and enforced through physical meetings, more so meetings that brings together the publicly perceived adversaries with reactive followers. ​​

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