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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Day it Was and yes it was ; Buru Buru Peace MEET

On 29th  September, 2012 Faces off Peace in partnership with Hatua Youth, Smart Youth, and One People had a successful event with the police at the Buru Buru Police Station in Makadara, Nairobi .
The event dubbed 4th Usalama Wetu Urafiki Wetu Initiative was very interactive and fun filled as usual.

We had cleaning of the  cells (Buru Buru cells are very clean), garbage collection and cleaning of the compound. It was honor to have students from Germany join us in cleaning Kenyan cells. Kudos!

As usual, the Faces of Peace advocates for greening Kenyan and greening police stations. We planted 50 seedlings in a week that the world remembered the environmental icon, Prof. Wangari.

The most captivating part was the I AM 4 PEACE CAMPAIGN. that began with the singing of the National Anthem. Vitalis led the crowd in a peace march across the suburb ,. So sorry we created ‘traffic snail up’ but it was a price for peace. One tout supported us, he shouted ‘Amani ni Lazima; peace is a must’ . so he was not annoyed that we caused some traffic congestion.  During the walk, we recited the ‘I swear I commit I pledge’  at Tuskys with the passersby joining in. And many Kenyans appended their signatures to swear to keep peace.

Peace building is a process and it requires fun side. So we had a youth police gig. Dola did the ‘Adhis’ song and got a standing ovation as the crowd demanded for more. Rama Msanii did his ‘Koblo gi long’ marateng’ thing”. This song denounces poor relations between community and police. And the OCS and Senior SP and the other peace ambassadors joined in. and we danced and danced. 

The Youth-Police Baraza  was more interactive , lively and heated. The questions were hot; why was Hon Waititu not arrested PAP on hate speech, why did police take long to respond in Tana River, are police equiped to handle Gender Based Violence, why do police shout at suspects, the meals served at cells, reporting crime, and the police hotline. 

The OCS and SP and officers did not disappoint. We love you two. They were there for us and appreciate community policing. They answered all the questions articulately . and we all left happy.

We thank all, PAD, Smart Youth, Hatua, Kenya police, OCS Buru, SP Buru, One People, Wasanii Rama and Dola, Hatua Youth , J Cee, and all Buru people. Faces of Peace you are sweet all, thanks to the Buru organizers, Deno, G. and Precilla

 What a day for community policing!
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