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Thursday, 11 October 2012

UN DAY 2012 ; UN4U

Faces of Peace Kenya has  been nominated by the United Nations Information Centre(UNIC) to organize an outreach program for the Kenyan youth in the build up to the 2012 UN Day that will be held on 24th October, 2012; themed ‘UN DAY 2012 ; UN4U’. 

 To mark UN DAY 2012, UN Information Center has partnered with Faces of Peace Kenya to:  (1) reach out  to youth and  inform them about UN (2) Know what youth Organizations are doing (3) find ways of working together in  future (4) promote peace and humanitarian work .

According to UNIC,  this year we plan to have interactive sessions with youth pretty much like the group you have.  We plan to exchange information with each other and see how best we can enhance the peace and humanitarian agenda as will be deemed fit”.

The outreach  events will be held on;
                       17th  October, 2012 , 9:00 am—12:00 pm ; at Baba Dogo Community Hall
                    8th  October, 2012 , 9:00 am—12:00  pm at Ruiru Town, Focus  Youth Centre. 

This is a golden chance for us to get to know how well we can collaborate with the UN Agencies. 

We will also run an essay contest. They are to do an original, well-articulated and objective in the setting of; “ if you were UN Secretary General, how would you work with the youth to enhance the peace and humanitarian agenda in the context of globalization” 400-500 words, and  send to by 15th October, 2012.  The winners will have their essays published in Faces of Peace e-Journal, attend the UN Day celebration in 24th October at Gigiri and get books award from the UNIC. 

We hope  to see you 

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